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Diploma Programs

MLC College – Diploma Programs


Considering Diploma Programs?

If you’re thinking about going back to school and continuing your professional development, you might want to consider enrolling in a diploma program. With their concentrated classes and practical skills,  diplomas can be a great alternative to get  into a new  upcoming area.

Diploma programs are highly time-effective if you need to complete your education quickly. Diploma courses can often be completed in a few months Or typically in 12 months. Our advanced diplomas of 24 months which are expected to get approval for summer 2015 session are for students who have undergraduate degrees. Some of the diplomas conducted by us fall under professional development – non vocational stream and differ from the vocational programs since they are for experienced professionals.

A diploma program, which is typically made up of a series of required classes, tends to be slightly less stressful and highly valued for professional streams.

Here is a list of most sought after HRSDC approved diploma programs offered by us. These are approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

The prospective students should have O Level / Grade 12 or equivalent. All admissions are subject to approval as per guidelines approved under PCC Act, 2005.

Graduate Diploma Programs with “O” level or equivalent educational requirement ( all 12 months ):

  • D-ECOM  : Diploma in E-Commerce
  • D-DW       : Diploma in Data-warehousing
  • D-FM        : Diploma in Financial Management
  • D-SCM     : Diploma in Supply Chain Management


Post Graduate diploma programs where the requirement is undergraduate degree of equivalent ( all 24 months) :

  •  PGDBM       :  Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
  • PGDITM       :  Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Management
  • PGDMOA    :  Post Graduate Diploma in Dental and Medical Office Administration


We offer  the following Non-Vocational  diploma programs as a professional development.. These programs do not require approval under the PCC Act, 2005 as they are for experienced professional .

  • D-ERM : Diploma in Enterprise Risk Management ( For Risk Management Professionals)
  • D-SAP   : Post Graduate Diploma in SAP implementation (Post Graduate with SAP)


For details of course curriculum e-mail

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